natural park map making

Natural Park Turtistic Map creation

We have created an A3 format turistic map for a Natural Park in the province of Frosinone (Italy). The A3 format folded into 6 squares allows you to have a square tourist map, small and with everything you need. Trails are drawn on the map directly from GPX data.


The Tourist Map consists of 2 faces

  • 2D map with trails
  • references of churches, archaeological sites
  •  tourist indications
  •  panoramic points
  • compass icon for map orientation
  • legend with trail references and difficulties
  • 2d map natural park trails

On the opposite side

The one you ca see in the top of this page.

  • 3D maps for Trekking and Mtb with 3 routes each
  • description of the routes with difficulty
  • map cover
  • back with photographs

    The icons, the tourist information, the signs are handcrafted with Illustrator.
Outdoor 3D map creation

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