2D and 3D Maps making for Outdoor

Crafting Stunning Outdoor 2D and 3D Maps Illustrations for Hiking, Trails, Campings, and MTB Tours

We're specialized in producing visually captivating 2D and 3D maps illustrations tailored for various activities such as hiking, trails, camping, campsite, and MTB tours. Our expertise extends to meticulous Gpx data integration, ensuring a seamless and accurate representation on our maps.

Maps are very fascinating. We creates maps for parks and nature reserves. Beautiful Maps making is our passion. Our 2d and 3d maps are perfect for illustrating paths, routes and itineraries of tourist locations. Some examples of use: maps for MTB and trekking routes. Maps for running and trail running competitions. We take care of creating maps by accurately reporting GPX routes on the map with waypoints and POIs (points of interest). We create beautiful 3D maps illustration for a lot of purpose, maps for Natural Park, Mtb and trail Running Race path, maps for Campings, Ski resort, Bike Park and more. Outdoor activities passionate loves Maps. A 3D map it's not only a way to give clear information but also a way to create amotion and attract people to our activities.

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How do we create a Map?

Maps are created starting from a style based on use and destination. The cartographic basis depends on the project. In creating a Vintage Map we use desaturated maps with contour lines and vintage illustrations. If the map is modern we will use colored and shaded Opentopo bases. The elements of the map, the legend, the distribution of the elements are different for each project. When we have decided on the style of the map, we choose the dimensions, the folds and we start creating the contents. We work on Gpx transfer on the map if exist and labels and so on.
outdoor and turism Map making
we create 3D Maps with illustration for Outdoor turism and activities

3D Maps making

We create 3D maps in two ways, using real highmap with satellite texture or by creating texture by scratch. Which is the best way depends from situation to situation. We start creating map and adding infos, vector elements, text boxes, kompass, additional images and more. Satellite textured map are not good for big printing project becouse of the native law resolution of the satellite map photos. In case of map for big panels we advice to use vector graphics. Satellite texture outdoor map are good for flyers, card and Web site project. 3D outdoor map are also good for Social networks, create eyecach 3D map to generate viral content online.

Interactive, zoomable and rotable 3D Maps for Web

We create interactive 3D maps for web sites.  Use finger or mouse to scrool, zoom in and out. Those 3D interatvie maps are the best way to show trails and path in a ski or mtb resort. Of course a 3D map is very nice to show a mountain area for trekking path and multi-day tours. 

3D Maps Flyers and printing

3D maps are so attractive that could be considered marketing instruments. A beautiful map of a camping or an Hike tour is the best way to start selling outdoor services.
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Winter Maps

Ski resorts Maps making
Alpine ski race Map making
Territory Maps
Natural park Maps

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Essential requirements for initiating 3D Map Creation

In embarking on the journey of crafting a map from skretch, what are the fundamental prerequisites we need to consider? To start working on your 3D Map we need info about your project, a Google Map link to the area, info about what you need on the map and basically a brief description of you idea.

Outdoor 3D map creation

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